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Why use the free Shibboleth Dashboard?

Well dont take our word for it.

We asked Michael Stanning from the University of Cumbria how he would have obtained the reports before using the dashboard and Michael replied: 

"Well, the simple answer is we wouldn’t. The data just wasn’t there for us, I mean at the very best we could have looked at the library’s webpages, looked for the number of hits on the link to the particular resource, but it’s a pretty crude measure. 

So, having the dashboard had enabled us to get much improved data in that area."

Create powerful reports in minutes

Using the dashboard you can create powerful reports to answer all of your questions that you may have about your access. You can create laser targeted reports using the multiple filters available. Answer questions in minutes such as:

  • What are my most popular resources?
  • What resources have staff or students accessed the most?
  • Where do users authenticate from?
  • What resources am I sending personal identifiable information to? (Great for GDPR)
  • How many authentications and unique users have I had this month?

Shibboleth V4 Readiness Check

Use the Shibboleth V4 Readiness check to check the common factors when upgrading to Shibboleth V4. This allows you to quickly and easily see if you are in a position to upgrade to the latest stable version of Shibboleth.. It checks various metrics such as:

  • Java version compatibility
  • Jetty / Tomcat compatibility
  • Deprecation warnings
  • Configuration file validations

And we've not even scratched the surface of these features yet....

Become GDPR Compliant

The dashboard allows you to fulfil your GDPR obligations by giving you the tools to ensure that you are able to do that quickly and easily. If a user requires an export of information that you currently hold on them, this is as simple as typing in their username and pressing a button (no need to spend hours manually parsing logs anymore!). You are also easily able to see what personal identifiable information (PII) you are sending to resources by using the resource reports function. 

"We’ll be using the new stats module to analyse the return on investment for our database subscriptions and provide business intelligence on the different user groups in our academic community. Within GDPR and other legal boundaries, it will allow us to quickly resolve any cases of misuse such as bulk harvesting of database content. The dashboard interface is clear, well-designed, and simple to use."

Peter Reid - Bath Spa University

Export data to CSV

Overt IdP tries to ensure that you are able to export data to a universal format wherever possible. This means that you can export data to CSV such as:

  • Resource Reports
  • Audit Log Files (Raw Data Extract)
  • Authentication Reports
  • and many more

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy the dashboard anywhere. We don’t believe in forcing you to host or use a particular platform. Across all of Overt Software's product range we have an ethos of deploy anywhere. You can choose to install this easily onsite using windows or your favourite flavour of linux. Just use our easy to follow install guides to get up and running fast. Or schedule a call with one of our concierge team.

A message from Overt Software's CEO

Overt Software are celebrating ten years in business and as we reach this milestone it’s good to say thank you and reflect on how far we have come.

Our journey started before our incorporation via the KC-ROLO Jisc Core Middleware project and a big thank you to Nicole Harris, John Paschoud, Mark Williams, Dr Ann Borda, Dr Rhys Smith, plus many more at Jisc. We still remember installing Shibboleth 1.0 with very little documentation and now its version 4.0.1. Whilst the installation has become easier and the documenation far more comprehensive, we feel now would be a great time to give something back. So it’s with great pleasure we can contribute our free for life dashboard to the Shibboleth community. 

With a new norm we don’t know what the next ten years will bring, but we can promise the same level of commitment and service that has come to define our business reputation.

Graham Mason - CEO, Overt Software

Please Note: The Free Shibboleth Dashboard is a self supported service and a free activation key will be required to be renewed each year.

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